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Create Your Dream Book Nook

If you have enjoyed reading for any significant amount of time, then chances are you have dreamt of creating the perfect reading oasis. A place beckoning you to sit a spell and pass the time between the pages of a favorite friend. You want something more than a recliner and a lamp; more permanent than a tub full of bubbles backlit by the glow of candles, may I dare say, even more luxurious than a Tempur-Pedic mattress loaded with charming throw pillows! You want a reading experience- a place to lose yourself in another world. A special place just for you, curated by you, to bring you moments of bliss.

Don't go another day without creating your very own bookish paradise. Here's a list of must-haves as well as inspo to create your very own dream book nook. (All product pics are clickable if you discover a must-have.)

1. Cozy space

First things first, you must claim your territory. The beauty of the book nook is its coziness; thus, your space need not be mammoth. In fact, some would argue, the smaller the better. I have my book nook squeezed into a corner next to my bookshelves, the width being a mere 2 feet (I measured!).

Scour your house for neglected corners or junk-filled closets and turn them into your haven. It's just like flipping a house- but a lot less costly (hopefully) and a lot more fun. If you can't find an entire space, at least claim a chair. You deserve a chair!

2. Comfy Chair

This is your most important piece, so take your time selecting it and give yourself permission to splurge. The first question you must ask yourself is What is my preferred reading position? This will determine if you should be browsing traditional reading chairs or shopping the chaise lounges. You may even consider the hybrid situation- a wingback chair with a stool.

My only caution: In this scenario, choose comfort over design every time!

3. A Beautiful View

I think we better back it up a second. I forgot to mention when you're searching your home for the perfect book nook space, keep in mind your view. A few choice spots include near a window, nestled next to a fireplace, or near your greatest treasure- the bookshelf.

Don't despair if you don't live in a cozy cottage with home fires burning or if your book collection isn't library status (yet) or even if the only space you managed to wrangle is a spare closet. All is not lost! Surround yourself with beautiful art that fills your soul with peace and happiness.

My go-to sites to find original artwork is or Another great place to shop is Etsy. And if you don't have the funds, create it yourself. It's always fun to splash a little paint on the canvas. (The pug dog painting in my nook is my masterpiece! Lol) And if you're artistically challenged, order a paint-by-number from Amazon. (Warning: They are time-consuming.)

This is my paint-by-number owl painting. He makes lots of appearances on my Bookstagram account (@staceywritesandreads).

There are several beautiful options available on Amazon.

4. Mood Lighting

The next essential ingredient of a book nook is lighting. Follow the Goldilocks Method when choosing your luminosity source- not too bright, not too dim; but juuusstt right! My philosophy when it comes to reading lights- the more adjustments you can make, the better the lamp. I want to be able to adjust its brightness, height, and angle.

This baby does all 3 & I keep it beside my living room reading space.

If you are a Kindle reader, then you are in luck! The ability to adjust your reading light right on the screen frees you up to purchase lights strictly for the vibe. Go crazy with the twinkle lights. Dig out the fringy granny lamp. Hang up the neon cactus!

Make the space functional, but also yours.

5. Fluffy Pillows & Blankets

Now it's time to layer in the fun fluff. Start off with a reader's best friends, the blanket & pillow. This is your chance to add color and pizzazz to your space. Make sure your blanket suits your tastes. Do you need full body coverage or will a lap blanket do? Do your prefer quilty or fluffy? These are the important questions you must ask.

With pillows, there are often 2 camps: the more the merrier or 1 is plenty. My only rule, make sure you have 1 that you love. Comfort = more hours of reading!

My caution: When buying pillows on Amazon, most times you are just purchasing the cover. Although I prefer to give my pillows a test run, I'm more easily able to find bookish themed pillows on Amazon. For me it's a compromise- 1 comfy pillow, and a few cuties for show.

6. A Side Table

Here's where we get practical. Let's face it, reading is brain work and sometimes we get parched! Thus, you need a side table to hold all your reader paraphernalia: mugs, glasses, candles, bookmarks, coasters, books, book baskets, post-its, annotation tools- You get my drift. Reading is a hobby that predicates itself on comfort & comfort sometimes requires a lot of bookish things! (I think we just left practical behind!)

So, while the side table is practical, your style can be all yours- so make your table cute! Mine is a cute little boho table- just the right height to sit my cup on without looking & its small enough to fit in my tiny space!

7. Cute Book Storage

It's hard to have a book nook without the books! Even if you're a die-hard Kindle reader, throw some books into your space to create the vibe! Buy your absolute favorites in hardback editions and keep them nearby- it will fill your soul, trust me!

Baskets are my favorite book storage. I even use them on my bookshelf to collect my favorites and keep the space aesthetically tidy.

Not to mention they make great catch-alls for your bookish necessities.

I also use bookstands to display my absolute favorites reads as well as books with covers I'm obsessed with (Violet Jenkins Saves the Day, *cough, cough). You may have a space in your nook to do the same.

Magazine racks are also good options for floor storage. This little cutie is in my bathroom, but I could easily see it beside my chaise holding my current read and a few of my TBRs!

Other cute storage ideas: hat boxes, tin album holders, wall book racks, wood crates, book carts (They're all the rage on Bookstagram & yes, I have one & love it!), bar carts, hutches, a decorative ladder, under a bench, inside a bench, an artistic bookstack, in the fireplace or on the mantle (if that's where you created your nook), on a picture rail- the possibilities are endless. (And I think I have a future blog post idea!)

8. Breath of Life

It's hard to be a good book lady without a cat on your lap. But there are other option. For instance, dogs! They're cute and fuzzy critters too and will also lay patiently by your side as you read the day away, as long as you scratch their ears every now and then. The point is, bring a little life into your book world. People always say we book people are loners- prove them wrong!

If you don't want to commit to a cat or dog- think outside the box. Maybe consider fish, parakeets, or guinea pigs. I have a box turtle in my classroom & she's a great pet- very low maintenance & quiet! And what's more low maintenance than a plant? It's alive, it counts! You can handle that, can't you? (But don't ask me, I've killed all mine!)

And if you still can't bring yourself to bother with the mess and muss of caring for another living thing- frame some foresty artwork and call it a day!

9. Bookish Fun

We're heading down the home stretch! Adding Bookish fun elements to your space is a lifelong journey, so no need to rush it. Move pieces in and out as you wish. Enjoy the thrill of Amazon delivering your color-coded tabs, literary coasters, and old-book-scented candles. Remember, this book nook is for your indulgence- so buy the silly stuff and be a kid again! Just don't forget to set aside the kids' lunch money or you'll look like a bad parent!

10. YOU!

You spent all this time, money, and energy creating your perfect oasis- make sure you carve out the time to use it. It might even be a great space to share a book with your kiddos. I'd love to see the book nooks you create! Be sure to send me a picture!

As always, Happy Reading (& buy yourself some bookish things)!

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