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Meet Violet Jenkins

  • Dreams of becoming an astronaut

  • Favorite color: purple--obvi

  • The 3rd child born in a family of six kids

  • Growing up in the Lutheran faith

  • Favorite food: used to be blueberry pancakes but currently in the process of switching it after a certain unfortunate incident.

  • Possesses a can-do attitude

  • Character flaws: prone to temptation & has a propensity for getting herself into pickles 


Available on Amazon 


A laugh out loud adventure proving dreams really can come true!

A delightful blend of humor & heart, this captivating tale of self-discovery reveals what true friendship is all about.  

A reader lives a 1,000 lives before he/she dies...
A person who never reads, lives only one.
George R.R. Martin (kind of)

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