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Hello Friends! Here's a snapshot of my life. I'm a native Hoosier living in Bargersville, Indiana with my husband and lovable pug, Boomer. My inspiration for Violet Jenkins Saves the Day came from growing up in a large family with over 40 cousins. My parents took me and my brothers on many fun-filled family vacations plagued with memorable disasters. I also have a special aunt in my life that was my muse for Aunt V.  

When I'm not writing, you can find me in the classroom doing science experiments or at the lake boating with my family which includes my parents and three grown sons (who, once upon a time, were my favorite shenanigators in the classroom). 

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Stacey Faubion

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Boomer the pug is the beloved pet of the Faubion family. 


Life Highlights:

  • Favorite Food: Cheese

  • Tricks: Sit & Shake

  • Favorite Human: his daddy

  • Loves long walks (on the beach is not required, but a multitude of sniff stops are appreciated)

  • Purpose: keeping his humans safe from bikers- he will bark at those peculiar creatures until they are out of sight

  • Rated #1 napper in the Faubion household

  • Amateur comfort dog

  • Donations to his squeaky toy pile are welco

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My Bookstagram

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