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June's Book Wrap-Up

Just when I was boasting that 2024 was playing out to be my year of classics, I go and fill my June book list with burgeoning indie authors! And I must say, I'm not mad about it.

I also made a happy return to my quest to read Gary D. Schmidt's backlist. This month's selection is a doozy & should not be missed.

I'm confident you will find one of these books worthy of your TBR pile. I'm even more hopeful you will introduce yourself to one of these amazing indie authors and become a fan!

Just Like That by Gary D. Schmidt

If Judy Blume is the queen of middle grade, then Gary D. Schmidt is the king.

Just Like That is part of the Wednesday Wars stand-alone trilogy thus I highly recommend reading WW first, so you have some backstory into the life of Meryl.

Meryl is processing grief & navigating her new life in a private boarding school. Her teacher, Dr. MacKnockater, has tasked her with becoming accomplished despite being lost in "the blank."

Matt is struggling with his life as a drifter until he also comes under Dr. MacKnockater's tutelage.

In Dr. MacKnockater's wisdom, she brings these two lives together and an unlikely, but true friendship is forged.

As with all of Schmidt's books, sadness, growth, and hope are experienced through the lives of complex and memorable characters. Warning: violent scenes

The Strong Bear of Venice by Katy Sloop Roberts

The Strong Bear of Venice is book 3 in the Luna and Fortuna series and in my opinion, the best of the bunch!

Bernie dreams of playing outside like the normal kids he watches from his window, but cerebral palsy makes this impossible.

When Bernie's mother hires the wise Luna (and her magical cat, Fortuna) to be his tutor, she will help him discover his inner strength. Most importantly, he will realize he is exactly who God made him to be.

The heartfelt friendships, Italian vocabulary, and magical cat with a sassy personality make this book a sweet treat to read with the entire family.

President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sherri Winston

Brianna has dreams of following in her hero's footsteps and becoming a celebrity chef, but first things first! First, she must become president of the whole 5th grade.

There's only one thing standing in her way, the new girl, Jasmine Moon. Read to find out exactly what Brianna will do to win.

This book has a great message of perseverance & determination in striving to meet your goals while keeping your integrity intact.

Clueless at the Coffee Station by Bee Littlefield

Betti may be on the Hot Mess Express, but she's also on a mission to save her beloved coffee shop.

When local art is robbed under her nose, the coffee shop owner thinks it may be time to shut down the business. Betti has one week to solve the case, or she'll have to solve an even bigger mystery- figuring out what to do with her life.

This light-hearted mystery is set in the most idyllic setting- a small-town coffee shop. Betti is everything you want in an amateur sleuth, a bit lost and a bunch unlucky in love.

Gladwynn Grant Gets Her Footing by Lisa R. Howeler

This cozy mystery has all the vintage vibes, and I'm here for it! I could not love Gladwynn's feisty grandmother, Lucinda, more! She's one of those characters that steals every scene & now I want a book just for her!

Gladwynn has it going on too with her retro style and razor-sharp mind. She's going to need it all to impress her new boss and solve a decades-long jewelry theft. Too many unfortunate mishaps keep waking up this sleepy town.

The characters hooked me & the humor reeled me in.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

This poignant, historical fiction novel depicts the life of two friends who eke out a living for their families from the sea.

When their island is ravaged by war, an unforgivable, heart-wrenching decision is made that will devastate their friendship.

This story brought history to life from the perspective of a speck on the sea, the tiny island of Jeju. The strength of women shined bright on the bleak backdrop of war. Their lives were unimaginable but now, not unforgettable.

That's a Wrap!

Thanks for visiting my nook. I love chatting books with friends. If you have an auto-buy author, drop a comment. I'm going to need someone else to devour after I finish with Gary. D. Schmidt!

As always, I leave you with a graphic organizer for you to take on your next library or bookstore adventure!

Happy Reading,

Stacey Faubion


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