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Stacey's Book Nook: February Wrap-Up

Hi book friends! How was your reading in February?

I have a few great reads I discovered in February & am excited to share them with you. I have three middle grade books, a cozy empty-nest love story, & 2 Bookstagram buzz books.

Peruse through my notes & discover your next great read!

Okay, for Now by Gary Schmidt

The clear winner of this month's books is Okay, for Now! I am now on a mission to read all of Mr. Schmidt's backlist. Don't be surprised to see his books popping up every month this year.

In this story, Doug is living with an abusive father and mother who feels trapped. He finds refuge in the library, but not with books- with one book, The Audubon Birds.

With the encouragement of a librarian, he discovers he can draw and through the love of a friend, he finds purpose.

Gary Schmidt knows how to tell a story!

The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore

This is another story of a struggling teen using his art to cope. Lolly lives in poverty and has lost his older brother to gang violence.

When he receives a bag of Legos for Christmas, his life is changed. He discovers he can build a whole new world for himself.

This book is a debut novel, a Coretta Scott King New Talent Award winner, & soon to be a movie. And as book people always know, one should never see the movie without first reading the book!

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Another award winner made its way into my hands this month. It is both a Newbery Medal winner & classic being first published in 1978.

Mr. Westing is an eccentric millionaire (aren't they all?) and has decided to leave his fortune to one of 16 heirs. In order to win the inheritance, the person must first solve the mystery of which one murdered Mr. Westing!

This book is a lot of fun and is filled with outlandish characters. The only problem, there are a slew of characters to keep track of. But if you love a good mystery and laugh, don't miss this one!

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Warning: This is book 1 in a dystopian trilogy. So if that isn't your thing...

But being that I am a Hunger Games junkie, this was a must-read for me.

Darrow is a Red Blood living under the oppressive heat of the Golds digging his way through life in the mines of Mars. That is until his wife begins dreaming of a better world, one that includes freedom.

Darrow is a reluctant hero & I love his quest, but Katniss will always be the GOAT! With that being said, I will definitely be finishing up this series.

Warning 2: This book falls somewhere between YA and adult fiction. Although the main character is a teen, thus technically making it YA, there is a lot of violence and mature themes. In other words, know your reader if gifting it to a teen.

The Little Italian Hotel by Phaedra Patrick

This book was my IRL book club's pick for March and I can't wait to discuss.

Sometimes it's hard to find books for the empty nester demographic, and The Little Italian Hotel fits the bill nicely.

Ginny is a successful podcaster who discovers her marriage may not be on the same track as her career. When her husband refuses to spend their 25th anniversary together in a luxurious Italian villa, she decides to go it alone- with 6 other lonely listeners.

This is a tale of new beginnings & finding happiness again.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

I picked up this book because it's been all over Bookstagram. People love it, me not so much.

Dannie has a dream that has her waking up with a man other than her fiance in an apartment she's never seen.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when her best friend introduces her to her new boyfriend who happens to be the man in her dream.

You may have guessed my big problem- I'm not a fan of crushing on your BFF's man and the author never resolved that good enough for me. But you may like it- obviously, many others have since it's a New York Times Best Seller.

Picture Grab

Feel free to download my graphic of all these books so you have a convenient reference when shopping for books!

Final Wrap

I hope a few of these books piqued your interest. I beg of you, please read a Gary Schmidt book this year or at least before you die! If you would like to join my online book club, 24 in 2024 Book Challenge, download the prompts, click the button to join, & start reading with me! I love talking books.

And just for fun, tell me your leprechaun nickname. I'm Mulligan McLooney which sounds about right!

I hope your book selections are lucky this March!

Happy Reading,

Stacey Faubion


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