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35 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We all have one (or five) in our life- book worms, bibliophiles, book sniffers, ink drinkers. You know the type. And I'm willing to bet that these are the most precious people in your life because let's face it, book people are the cat's pajamas. And chances are, you will need to buy these sweet people gifts for the important days in their lives like Birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, or World Book Day (April 23 by the way).

To endear yourself to these wonderful people, buy them a gift they will treasure and gush over. For your convenience, I have compiled the end all be all, best ever list of bookish gifts. I say this humbly as a self-proclaimed, book-obsessed, cat (and dog) mom. The items are listed in order from cheapest to most expensive. I could not rank them any other way because they are all so dang adorable.

These are great to stick on iPads, computers, and water bottles. It's a way to tell the world- "Yes I'm a book nerd & proud of it!" Plus they are cheap and can serve as a fun bonus inside the money card.

Of course, you could handcraft a bookmark for free, but let's face it, those things are about as cute as a macaroni necklace for Mother's Day. Unless your craft skills are next level, spend the cash and buy something like these adorable leather hearts.

I know this is technically a repeat, but the tracker idea appeals to me, and I couldn't resist. This may actually be a bookmark you could handcraft yourself! But if not, click on the link. These come in a pack of 50, so you could keep them on hand and stuff them in all your Birthday cards throughout the year.

I couldn't believe the price on this one! It's in my "Saved for Later" on Amazon (along with about 51 other items). If your book lover friend has shelves or loves to snap Bookstagram photos, a prop like this will be sure to please.

This is another great gift for the Bookstagrammer in your life. Imagine all the book poses that can be accomplished with this gadget. It also works well for the woman who loves decorating with books or displaying books that hold a special place in her heart. On a side note- I have these & I love them!

Not only are these socks cute and cozy- look at that packaging. You don't even have to wrap these puppies. This is a win-win people!

Buyer beware: this price is just for the pillow cover. You will need to make a Walmart run and pick up the stuffing (or find it on Amazon you lazy beast!). And another thought, wouldn't this make the perfect companion gift to those socks?

Now, I know you're thinking, What? Book tabs! I can't get my friend book tabs! But trust me, if you have a little book nerd that loves to review books and post them on TikTok- buy these tabs! She's going to be giddy and you're going to be a rock star because you truly get her.

Here's a great companion gift to go along with those fancy tabs. It can also stand on its own since even the casual reader enjoys highlighting favorite quotes. Don't forget about Bible readers too. Highlighters connect the reader to the words they love and what better gift is there than that?

A book nerd needs a place to store all those tabs and highlighters and what better way than a Jane Austen pencil pouch. Any bookish pouch will do, but I thought this one was unique and the perfect gift for just the right person.

I'm going to venture a guess that your book- loving friend is also a fan of libraries. And this book-lovinging friend is going to need a place to track of all her TBR's. For those of you not familiar with such bookish terms you may want to read 100 Terms for Bookstagrammers. You're welcome.

Once your friend has amassed all the books on her TBR, she's going to need to kick back, relax, and reap the rewards of her bounty. And here you come with the perfect gift to make her reading time even better. You go girl!

No self-respecting book lover isn't a fan of quotes! It's why she has all those highlighters and tabs. So then, what's better than decorating a reading nook or home library with a favorite literary quote? Nothing! These beautiful images are 11X14, so frames are easy to find. Added bonus- they're American-made by Lone Star Art.

Book lovers not only like decorating their walls with bookish decor, but they also enjoy decorating themselves. This beautiful necklace will keep their love of books close to their hearts, just as it should be. Not to mention, this handcrafted piece of art is made in my home state of Indiana by CellsDividing. Go Hoosiers!

Ear lobes are another wonderful place to display one's love for reading. And look at these beauties! Plus, they are customizable and made in the good ol' USA by Anna Azure Designs.

If your book lover is more cozy than fancy, then consider a fuzzy blanket for her to wrap up in on a 24 hour reading bender. This is a popular TikTok challenge going around now. I recommend you try it whether it's still trending by the time you read this article or not! I'm going to do it as soon as I find a willing ready buddy!

If ever your book lover tires of reading books and is looking for a new hobby, puzzles are usually a hit. Bonus: Doing puzzles is a hobby that allows ink drinkers to interact with humans!

I, a fellow bibliophile, admit to spending too many nights up past my bedtime reading a page-turner. Just look at this sleek book lamp- it is the perfect solution for the bibliophile in your life. She can stay up as late as she wants, reading to her heart's content, and her partner can sleep soundly, none the wiser to the amazing plot twist going on next to him. I'm buying one today!

We established earlier that book nerds are lovable souls and you don't become lovable by being rude. Thus, I bet you even money that your lovable little nerd writes thank you cards and sweet notes, thus she would love this literary-inspired stationery.

Imagine if you will, your book-loving friend cuddled up in a cozy blanket, wearing fuzzy socks, sipping from a bookish wine glass, and reading a newly released book from her favorite author. What can make this scenario any better? A candle! But not just any candle- a candle that smells like books! Every bibliophile in the world loves the smell of books!

Christmas should be celebrated every day and what better way to recognize that fact than with a Harry Potter ornament. There are many Harry Potter ornaments out there, but I'm a sucker for the Hallmark variety. I'm sure your book lover will appreciate this gift any time of the year

I hate to exaggerate, buuuttttt your book- loving friend may shed tears over this gift. With this personalized gift, you're saying, "Hey girl, I get you and you need a little book bougie."

This gift listing is a bit out of order pricewise. However, I wanted to place it next to the stamps so you can make an informed decision on just how bougie you want to get.

Literary Blooms are a luxury splurge that will delight the heart of your bookworm. Hint: Do a little recon before ordering it in order to find out your friend's favorite book. Then have the Literary Blooms (two crafting ladies from Oregon) customize this sentimental gift especially for your bibliophile. This gift checks all the boxes of a perfect gift: personal, meaningful, and luxurious.

You can give your ink drinker this adorable vase as is or you can step up your game and fill it with her favorite flowers. Either way, it's going to bring a smile to her face.

Did you know that most bibliophiles make a vow to have a book on their person at all times? True story. To keep this promise, they need a cute tote in which to lug those books around- and not just any cute tote- a Kate Spade tote. A book nerd can still be fashionable!

Another way you can help your book- loving friend keep her solemn vow to always have a book on hand is to gift her a book she will love to carry around. Poems are a beloved literary genre meant to be enjoyed over and over again. Why not give her 150 of the best?

This gift isn't luxury or bougie- however it is a book nerd necessity. It doesn't matter if your friend already has 10 tumblers, there's always room in the cupboard for one more. You can't go wrong with this gift.

Books on average weigh 1/3 lbs. Serious ink drinkers spend an average of 3 hours a night reading. As mentioned before, some even participate in 24-hour reading marathons. That's a lot of heavy lifting! This gift gives those arm muscles a much- welcomed reprieve.

I realize a blanket has already been listed, but I thought the 2 options were different enough in design and price that they deserved 2 different listings. This blanket has all the same purposes as its fuzzy option, but this gives off straight-up book vibes. You can't go wrong with either option.

Not gonna lie- I'm obsessed with these book nooks and your bibliophile will be too. The only caveat, at this price the book nook must be assembled. The manufacturer estimates the time for completion to be 6 hours. But look at the end result- pure joy! As far as I can tell, all the necessary supplies come with it. Be on the lookout for my book nook post on Bookstagram coming soon! (I just have to find 6 hours somewhere!)

Books + Art = Perfection! The Boston Creative Company will personalize your folded page book art with any word or special date up to 6 characters. I mean seriously, how cute is this? And what a conversation piece to display on bookshelves!

You have to check out this product on Amazon. As of now, there are 26 book designs to choose from and I want every single one of them! If you see your book nerd's favorite book among them, you have to buy this for her!

I did not list the price (or provide a link), because it will vary depending on the book collection you choose. You can buy your friend her favorite collection. You could give her a collection of books she has been wanting to read. Or you could give her a collection of books you have enjoyed. Regardless, you can't go wrong buying a book lover books!

Okay, it's not personal but the bookmark shape of this gift card is a nice touch. Plus, I don't know a book person alive who wouldn't want cash to spend on her life's passion. You can "cuten" up the presentation with bookish stickers or book tabs. These gift cards come in increments of $25.

So how did I do? Is this the end-all be-all list of bookish gift ideas? If I missed a good idea, let me know in the comments. The next best thing to shopping for books is shopping for bookish things. Anyway, I hope you found a gift to make your book-loving friend's day (and maybe even a few for yourself). Happy shopping friends!


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