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Read, Dang It!

5 Important (and maybe a tad bit selfish) Reasons to Turn Your Child into a Reader. (I said it & you're welcome. Enjoy. LOL.)

Is it because it helps them perform better in school? Yes, studies show that readers are better students and thus build their confidence in their own abilities and thus have the confidence to continue pursuing their dreams. But there’s more to it.

Is it because it enhances their imagination? Yes, and this imagination helps them experience worlds far beyond their reach and build empathy with people they’ve never met. But there’s more to it.

Is it because it is good for brain development? Yes, reading improves memory and boosts critical thinking skills. But there’s more to it.

Here are 5 REAL reasons you should turn your child into a reader (right now!):

  1. Their screen time hits different. When that snooty little Karen gives you that look when your child is nose deep in an iPad, you can proudly knock her off her high horse and say, “Relax Karen, it’s a book.” Thus, your kid reading accomplishes two things. It shuts Karen up and it makes you look like a good parent. And who doesn’t want to look like a good parent?

  2. You now have another excuse to go to the bookstore. Sure, you have a pile of TBRs a mile high, but the children need books. And what good parent would deny their children books? I know I wouldn’t. So, while you’re being a good parent and letting your kid pick out a book, go ahead and pick up a few for yourself and while you’re at it throw that journal and candle you’re eying in the cart as well. You deserve it.

  3. Imaginary friends are much quieter than real friends. When your kid asks if little Suzy to come over, you don’t have to say “No! I can’t stand that loud mouth Suzy.” Instead, you can say, “Honey, you just played with Suzy yesterday. We don’t do favorites in this house. Let’s spend some time with our book friends today. Go up to your room and tell Katniss, Hermoine, and Jo 'Hi'.” See how easy that is? Now, you’re not stuck listening to your spawn and their annoying friend create TikTok dances or worse- being asked to dance with them so everyone can laugh at the old lady in the background. You’re welcome.

  4. Good readers = Good Grades = Not living in your basement at 30. Now, I know this sounds a lot like those normal reasons given at the beginning of this blurb: reading = good students, big brains, and imagination. But they’re missing the most important thing- the outcome of raising a reader. And let’s be real, if your child is still living in your basement at 30, something went wrong. And I don’t want that for you. I want you to be a good parent. So, get those kids reading.

  5. Kids that read leave you alone. Let me repeat that, because I think this is the gold most of these Getting kids to Read articles miss. Kids that read leave you alone. Let that sink in for a minute. Imagine more time to make another macrame planter or hand-knitted sock. Think about sitting in your favorite chair, with your big cup of tea (or coffee if you're uncivilized) and nothing to do but put your feet up and read a book, paint your nails, or scroll TikTok. The sky is the limit. The afternoon is yours! Why? because you’ve got them precious angels upstairs in their rooms reading.

Now if this is a life you’ve imagined for yourself, but you’re not quite sure how to obtain it. Never fear. Just subscribe to my newsletter at and you will receive a free downloadable book entitled, Read, Dang it! Inside you will find 60 ideas to make reading fun for your children (warning: you may have to spend a little time with them). You will also receive several reading motivator templates to make reading more engaging and fun than it already is.

Here is a sample of an idea page and a reading motivator template:

If you need a list of read alouds, check out my favorites here. As always, you can find me on Bookstagram (aka: Instagram) at @staceywritesandreads. I hope to meet you there!

Happy reading!

Stacey Faubion


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