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Day 6: Living Life Faithfully

Updated: Jan 29

A 40-Day Faith Challenge

Jesus tells us in Matthew 17:20, that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed is powerful. So, let's plant those seeds and reap the harvest.

The Seed: God's Word

Cleansing Rain: A Reflection on God's Word

If you look up synonyms for faith, you can trust that trust will be on the list. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) With all my heart I believe that God knows better than I. Thus, with every decision I make, shouldn’t I go to God first? Yet, many times, I believe I already have the answers worked out and charge ahead with my own plans. Then inevitably, I wonder why they don’t work out.

Going to God must be our first inclination. But trusting someone you don’t know, especially with your life, is virtually impossible. We’ve all been taught, never to take candy from a stranger. Why? Because you can’t trust strangers. How about candy from your beloved grandparent? Eat until your heart’s content! This is why sometimes it is so hard to trust God, to know without a doubt that his way is better because we don’t take the time to truly know God. We don’t know his promises, therefore we don’t know the countless times they have held true in our lives. Trust is built over time. We must take the time to build a trusting relationship with God, acknowledging him through prayer and Bible study. He will guide us every step of the way!

Taking Root: Questions to Help You Dig Deeper

SonShine: Shining the Light of Jesus

Daily Sprinkle: A Prayer to Say Throughout the Day

One last thought: Have you ever been on a sightseeing adventure with a tour guide? Recently I went to the Holy Land, and I couldn't imagine making the pilgrimage without our tour guide. He made all the difference in the world. He was enlightening, knowledgeable, protective, generous, and an ever-present help.

As Christians, we have the ultimate tour Guide! Jesus is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. He is the Good Shepherd, The Way, The Truth, The Life. He is the Light, the Bread of Life, and the Resurrection. Why in the world would we ever travel through this life without Him?

In Christ,

Stacey Faubion

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