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Day 30: Living Life Faithfully

Updated: Jan 29

A 40-Day Faith Challenge

Jesus tells us in Matthew 17:20, that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed is powerful. So, let's plant those seeds and reap the harvest.

The Seed: God's Word

Cleansing Rain: A Reflection on God's Word

Religious leaders are challenging Jesus. Being experts at the law, they want to know which commandment is the greatest. They received a definitive answer from the author: "Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind.” This is what our God wants most of all- our love.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reciprocate the total & complete love God shows us? And can you imagine the kind of life changes this all-encompassing love for our creator would bring to our lives? If we put God above all things and love Him more than all people, wouldn’t that drastically affect our actions and decisions?  

Loving God with all our hearts would entail living life where we care for others before ourselves. Loving God with all our souls would mean making decisions with eternity in mind instead of our temporary life here on earth. Loving God with all our minds would mean acting in the same manner of God. When we love God with all we’ve got, we become more aligned with His will for our lives. We will live life faithfully.

Taking Root: Questions to Help You Dig Deeper

SonShine: Shining the Light of Jesus

Daily Sprinkle: A Prayer to Say Throughout the Day

How would the world change if for one day everyone loved each other as God loves us? God's love for us is life-changing and we can only begin to imagine the depth of His love in relation to how much we love Him. The more we fall in love with God, the more we understand how much He loves us. And since His love is infinite, we can never reach the bottom of falling deeper and deeper in love with Him.

Today, spend time falling in love with God.

In Christ,

Stacey Faubion


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