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Day 13: Living Life Faithfully

Updated: Jan 29

Jesus tells us in Matthew 17:20, that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed is powerful. So, let's plant those seeds and reap the harvest.

The Seed: God's Word

Cleansing Rain: A Reflection on God's Word

You have probably heard the saying: Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. I would also like to add another certainty: challenges. At some point in your life, you will experience hardship. 

Maybe you will be bullied, lose someone close to you, get cut from a team, embarrass yourself in front of a crowd, experience betrayal, feel loneliness surrounding you, or fail to reach a goal. I don’t know what the future holds for you, but one thing is for certain, disappointment will come.

The question is, how will you respond? Will your faith crumble? Will you turn your back on God at the first sign of trouble? Or will you trust in Him to see you through the hard times? Will you resist blaming Him? Will you view your circumstances as a test of faith or better yet, an opportunity to trust and glorify Him?

When you & God go through difficult times together, you will gain wisdom and develop a much stronger connection than you will when everything is hunky-dory. Furthermore, with God guiding you, you won’t just be tossed around by the waves of life. No! You will have a trustworthy captain to navigate the waters, one with the power to calm the sea. 

Taking Root: Questions to Help You Dig Deeper

SonShine: Shining the Light of Jesus

Daily Sprinkle: A Prayer to Say Throughout the Day

Make God your ride or die. He is your best friend in both the good and bad times. Treat him well and honor Him always.

In Christ,

Stacey Faubion


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