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August to May Read Aloud Line Up

August is upon us and it's time to get back to business! And by business, I mean school.

I'm talking to you, teachers- I know you're planning out your school year. (So am I.) And I just bet you want to dazzle your kids with books that will spark their love of reading. Boy, do I have a list for you!

I'm talking to you too homeschool parents. You guys are the masters of read alouds! And I'm here with a fresh new list for you to devour.

I'm also talking to all parents who want to commit to making reading a priority for their kids this year. The number one best thing you can do for your child is read with them (okay, feeding them might be the number one thing, but reading is pretty dang important!). This list will make your commitment a joy for all.

Here is a suggested schedule of read alouds that will fill your children's (or students') lives with amazing books the entire school year.

Capricorn Anderson has never stepped foot into a school before, that is until his grandma falls from a tree. Capricorn is sent to live with the Donnely family and is enrolled into Claverage Middle School. Ashley Donnely, the teenage daughter of the social worker assigned to Cap quickly decides he is a "freakazoid." The kids at C Average elect Cap as class president and conspire to make his term about as successful as Biden's (too soon?). Little do they know, they will be the ones schooled.

This book is a great way to start the school year, especially for 6th grade kids who have many questions and fears about middle school and can easily relate to Capricorn Anderson. But more importantly, this book blends humor with sweet lessons on acceptance and kindness without knocking kids over the head with a sermon.

Then recommend any of Gordon Korman's 80 published books!

Marcus is determined to make a movie. The problem is- he has no idea how to do it. He enlists the help of his dad, his teachers, a know-it-all named Sierra, and even the school bully. He'll do whatever it takes to make this movie- even help other people create their masterpieces.

Marcus learns that chasing dreams is hard work, but definitely worth the hustle.

I love reading this book at the beginning of the year since it has so many great discussion starters regarding goals, dreams, and perseverance. It doesn't hurt that it is funny as heck too!

Then recommend the latest and greatest LOL Kevin Hart book- Marcus Makes it Big.

The Monroes have a new pet- a sweet little bunny rabbit that may or may not also be a vampire. Never fear, Chester the cat and Harold the dog are on the case. They are going to save their beloved family from this vegetable-sucking monster whether they like it or not. Even if it means enduring some cat psychotherapy and dog jealousy issues.

Never in the history of great mysteries has there been a detective duo so inept or hilarious.

Bunnicula is the perfect horror story to add to your Halloween season. It has just the right amount of mystery and intrigue mixed with a heaping serving of laughs.

Then recommend another Bunnicula masterpiece like Howliday Inn, The Celery Stalks at Midnight, Nighty-Nightmare, Return to Howliday Inn, Bunnicula Strikes Again, or Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow.

Three adorable siblings, William, Edwin, and Anna are made orphans when their grandmother dies unexpectantly. They are evacuated to the London countryside to escape the dangers of World War II and to find their forever home.

However, the Pearce children are looking for something more. They are looking for someone who thinks they hang the moon.

This book reads like a cozy classic with all its talk of hot chocolate, books, and family; thus, making it a great selection for the holiday season.

Then recommend another beloved orphan book like Harry Potter or Matilda.

The Herdmans are the absolute, hands down, worst kids in the history of the world. They are the last kids you would expect to see in a church Christmas Pageant. But the Herdmans discovered the church gives out free cookies. And then they discovered a beautiful story of a baby's birth.

The Christmas Pageant may look a little different this year, but it just may be the best one ever.

This hilarious take on the Christmas story gives a new heartwarming perspective on the true meaning of Christmas. Shazam!

Then recommend reading the true account of the Christmas story in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke in the Bible.

Josh and Jordan Bell are destined for basketball greatness. After all, their dad is basketball legend, Chuck "Da Man" Bell. He makes sure his boys know all the rules for basketball and life.

But will those rules help Josh deal with girls, navigate family struggles, and cope with loss?

The rhythm and rhymes of this book make it fun to read. The action and gripping story, have kids begging for one more chapter. This is a heartfelt family story that you don't want to miss out on this basketball season.

Then recommend other sports books by Kwame Alexander or Mike Lupica.

Julie falls head over heels in love with Bryce. He finds her annoying and weird. He avoids her at all costs, but that's hard to do since Julie can't take a hint.

But in 8th grade, Bryce begins to see Julie in a new light. The problem is Julie begins to think Bryce's light has dimmed.

Not only do the main character's feelings flip, but the chapters flip between Julie and Bryce's points of view. This perfectly titled story of unrequited love is also the perfect selection for a February read aloud. (And shockingly, boys don't get grossed out at this love story!)

Then recommend the Dirt Diaries, a romantic book series. If the boys are romanced out, introduce them to the I Funny series.

The Weird Watsons, (Mom, Dad, Byron, Kenny, and Joetta) are on their way south in order to straighten out their juvenile delinquent, Byron. He thinks he is the king of Clark elementary, but Dad makes it clear that there isn't room for two kings in Flint, Michigan. After setting fires, killing a bird, and beating up another student, Byron thinks he's living large. When he decides to straighten his hair without permission, Dad has finally had enough. He shaves Byron bald and announces he's being shipped off to Grandma Sands for the summer.

In Alabama, the Watsons' kids will be awakened to the cruel reality of racism.

In March, families often embark on memorable family vacations. The Watson's Go to Birmingham is a road trip kids won't forget.

Then recommend Bud, Not Buddy or any other civil rights themed book.

Willow Chance is a genius who counts by 7's to calm herself. She is struggling to fit in and find happiness. Aren't we all? Her world has fallen apart after the sudden loss of her foster parents. This book follows Willow's journey as she pieces it all back together again.

The writing is beautiful, the MC is quirky, and the ending is a Happily Ever After. This book is a yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

It's April and we need a genius in our lives to remind us of the goodness of learning.

Then recommend other child genius books like Out of My Mind.

May: Violet Jenkins Saves the Day

By: Stacey Faubion

Violet Jenkins is determined to get her family to Florida for a reunion where she will be reunited with her kindred spirit, Aunt Vivian. They share a love for all things aviation, space and adventure. Many obstacles will be encountered, but Violet Jenkins has a knack for getting herself into and out of sticky situations in the most humorous of ways.

Take a trip with the loveable Violet Jenkins on her outlandish quest and enjoy the ride!

This book is a great way to end the school year. It reminds us to keep chasing our dreams and work hard for things we want. And not to mention, it's written by me!

Then recommend the next book in the Violet Jenkins series, Violet Jenkins and Boomer.

If you would like even more read aloud ideas as you plan out your school year, check out A Teacher's Top 15 Read Alouds or 13 Read Alouds to Help You Connect with Your Middle Schooler.

If you make it through these 10 books this school year, pat yourself on the back. You have done your part in creating future bookworms. If you find yourself leading a whole herd of bookworms, you may want to create reading challenges to encourage kids to read on their own. Click here for some fun reading challenge ideas.

Would you replace one of these books throughout the year with another? Let me know your suggestion and why. Have a happy year reading!


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