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Stacey's Book Nook: January Wrap-Up

Hello Book Friends! I'm Stacey Faubion, a fellow book enthusiast. My passion is middle school, but I'm very eclectic when it comes to my adult reading. I dabble in nonfiction, mysteries, romance, thrillers, and classics. I love reading books recommended by book friends or those exploding on Bookstagram. I'm a book junkie and there are just too many good stories to be locked into one genre. So there is no niche here, just a fun mix of good books.

My January could not have gotten off to a better start. I can't wait to share all the wonderful books I read this month. I have everything from an off-beat mystery to an endearing love story to a middle school survival book in verse.

Peruse my notes and summaries to discover your next read.

The Last Love Note by Emma Grey

February is upon us, so a romance book is necessary, required even.

I don't read romances as often as I used to, but when I saw the cover of The Last Love Note on Bookstagram, I couldn't resist.

The author drew upon the tragic loss of her young husband to a heart attack and her mother's struggle with Alzheimer's to write this love story layered with grief and hope.

She admits there is a lot of her in her MC, Kate, making this book feel very up close and personal. It is a tribute to both her and her parents' marriages and it's a triumph of a book.

Cult & Run by Kelly MacPherson

Full disclosure, Kelly is in my co-writing group and I love her dearly. But I'm telling you, her voice is so quirky and outlandishly funny, she'll have you spitting out your iced chai and asking yourself, "Did I just read that?"

If you're in the mood for a good time, check out this mystery of a former cult member who has been recruited by a very hunky FBI agent to help investigate the suspicious death of the cult's leader.

There's more twists & turns than a rollercoaster ride down the Allegheny Mountains. (Sorry Kelly, I tried to spin a metaphor for ya, but you're the queen!)

Blue Clover by Eldonna Edwards

I promise you, I am not cult obsessed! But this book was recommended to me by an IRL book club friend. She's one of those book people in my life that if she likes it, chances are I will too. And of course, I loved it.

Clover Blue grows up in a hippie commune in the 70's. He is happy and surrounded by all the people he loves the most. This little bubble of serenity threatens to burst as Clover Blue begins uncovering secrets about his biological family.

I was fascinated by the lifestyle and captivated by Clover Blue and Harmony's stories.

The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt

You know it's a good month of reading when you discover a new favorite author! If you love middle grade books, then I beg you to read a book by the master- Gary Schmidt!

A young boy living in Long Island, New York in the 60's, is forced to spend every Wednesday with a teacher that despises him. She hates him so much, she forces him to read Shakespeare with her!

Holling grapples with meeting his destiny. Is he to be or not to be? That is the question!

Alone by Megan E. Freeman

Let's happily stay in middle grade land for a moment. This book was my first pick for the #24in2024BookChallenge buddy read. (If you would like to join the fun, click on the link!)

Alone is a survival story told in verse. Maddie is a 12-year-old girl left behind during a mysterious evacuation. She endures storms, dangerous looters, and primitive living, but her biggest struggle is the crushing despair of being alone.

This book comes highly recommended by my middle grade students as well.

The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare

We end this month's wrap-up with an inspirational tale of a girl with a dream and the determination to never give up on it.

Adunni is a mistreated Nigerian girl viewed as nothing more than property. She is sold off to a much older man for a bride's price of rice, two goats, and a TV for her family.

She has no reason to hope, but Adunni can't let go of her desire to be educated. She must find her voice to stand up for herself and the life she deserves.

So good, y'all. If you're looking for an eye-opener with all the feels, read this one!

Picture Grab

Feel free to download or screenshot the summary. It's always nice to have a few ideas in hand when you're headed to the bookstore or library.

Final Wrap

Thanks for letting me chat about the thing I love most in the world (besides my peeps and Jesus). I hope you find some gems in this month's selections. If you have any recommendations, please comment! And if you would like to join my book club, the 24 in 2024 Book Challenge, click the button. We'll become book pals via email. Or you can fulfill the prompts on your own & have the satisfaction of a challenge met.

I hope your February is filled with much love and great books!

Your book friend,



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