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30 Bookstagram Post Ideas (to get you through any month!)

I love, love, love Bookstagram. I live for the interaction with insane Book Lovers like myself and the talk of all things bookish. The photographs are beautiful, the reels are hilarious, and the book recommendations are priceless. What self-respecting Ink Drinker wouldn't want to be part of this community?

You simply must join the fun! But to be a true citizen of Bookstagram World- you must post as well as scroll. You must do your part and add to the experience. We're not demanding a post a day or fireworks- but we would love a little sample of your personality and book tastes.

Here's a list of 30 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and into the Bookstagram game:

1. Introduce Yo-Self

This should be your first post. A popular intro-type post is often a Fast Five. Post 5 fun or random facts about yourself- whether or not these facts are bookish is up to you. This allows others to get a snapshot of the newbie.

If you happen to be a veteran, this is still a good post to do periodically to re-introduce yourself to your new followers or reach out to a smaller niche within Bookstagram (like romance readers, fantasy fanatics, or middle grade addicts).

2. Bookstack Your Name

Can you guess my name based on my bookstack? I'll pause while you try to figure it out. (Pause). It's Stacey- not Stacea. I had to cheat because I had no book titles that started with the letter "Y." I was a bit hesitant to post this picture because of the error- but I wanted to participate in the day's challenge. Guess what? Several people in the challenge group had the same issue! Lesson: Don't be worried about perfection- you may miss out on the experience.

Side note: If you are an author- there is a tremendous need in the book market for "Y" titles!

3. Book Recs

Book recommendations are kind of the whole point of Bookstagram- to find your next great read. So, if you read a gem, be sure to hype it up so others can enjoy.

Fun tip: Tag the author. So many times, an author will comment on your post and thank you for reading his/her book. How cool is that?

Another Tip: To make life easier, create a template on Canva you can use repeatedly for all your reviews. In the above picture, I took the original picture of a simple wreath on my floor. For each review, I insert a new book cover, add my book highlights for each arrow, & give my star rating. With Bookstagram, I always subscribe to the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid).

4. Author Birthday Shout Out

Every month, a famous author is celebrating a Birthday. Look up your favorite author's birthday & be sure to celebrate it Bookstagram style. This means prop their books & don't forget to tag them (if they're still alive!).

Here's a list of my favorite literary birthdays for each month to get you started:

January 3: J.R.R. Tolkien

Febrary 7: Laura Ingalls Wilder & February 12: Judy Blume

March 2: Dr. Seuss

April 12: Beverly Cleary & April 23: William Shakespeare

May 31: Walt Whitman

June 12: Anne Frank

July 21: Ernest Hemingway & July 31: J.K. Rowling

August 10: Suzanne Collins & August 24: John Green

September 13: Roald Dahl

October 16: Oscar Wilde

November 29: C.S. Lewis & November 30: Mark Twain

December 16: Jane Austen

5. Favorite Color Stack

Pretty self-explanatory. The only note I'll add is that you could do a stack, shelf, or basket display of your favorite color as well. Also, no need to limit yourself to your actual favorite color. You can post a blue stack one month & a red stack another.

If you're on Bookstagram long enough, you will often see different color stack challenges for a cause. For example, someone might say, "I will donate $1 for every pink bookstack post that I'm tagged in for the month of October." We book people are pretty giving like that!

6. Favorite Author Tribute

Always a great idea to support your favorite author. Plus, it's a great excuse to buy all their books! You're doing it for the book community- they need this!

7. A Shelfie

Stereotypically, Ink Drinkers are shy by nature- but we're also clever. Behold the shelfie! I don't know about you- but I find bookshelf decor much more fascinating than duck lips.

You can organize your bookshelf by genre, author, or color. You can create a section for library books, books in a series, or books with dogs on the cover. You can show off your book-themed candles, Funko Pop characters, and other bookish merch. You can even turn your books backward and cause an uproar on Bookstagram! Just don't miss out on #shelfiesunday.

8. Flat Lay Friday

A flat lay is an image shot directly from above to capture the beauty of your books carefully arranged on a flat surface. I'll give you a moment to admire my flat lay. AWWWW. Now, take a moment to admire the one below. Aren't flat lays just divine?

I admit, I am still intimidated to do flat lays because I'm not a photographer. But I've found a ring light does wonders for amateurs like me. And I try to adhere to that whole- don't be a perfectionist thing & have a good time. I gained followers on each of these posts & Lisa Fipps commented on the Starfish post. So again, worry less- post more!

9. Currently Reading

If you haven't had time to create a book review or recommendation, then just post what you're currently reading. Ask your followers if anyone else has read this book & if they have, rate it 1-5 in the comments. This is a good way to engage people and start a conversation (or book debate/war).

10. A Book Haul

It's time to flex! (Your insanity!) Just kidding (kind of). If you're new to Bookstagram, you may not be able to imagine a time when your books will overtake your home- but it's coming, I promise!

How does this happen? You see so many stinkin' good books on Bookstagram- that's how! You will also be in search of complete collections. Don't forget all those books you fell in love with as a child that you're just dying to share with the world. And then heaven forbid, you read an eBook you love- now you're going to need to buy the paperback version for your bookshelf. Need I go on? I think you see how this book obsession snowballs out of control so easily.

So, trust me, it won't be long until you're posting your book hauls like the rest of us.

11. Your Reading Nook

Full disclosure, I do not have a reading nook. This is a picture of my beloved writing space. I read sitting on my ugly recliner while my husband watches Investigation Discovery (ID)- probably plotting ways to kill me via a book avalanche.

Anyhoo, I absolutely adore reading nooks- all the cozy, all the books, all the cats! They are my absolute favorite type of posts on Bookstagram and I screen shot my favorites. I'm currently scouring my house to find space so I can create a reading oasis of my own.

So, please post your reading nook- I need inspo!

12. Holiday Inspo

Every month has a day to celebrate something and on Bookstagram every celebration should include books. As you will see from this list of holidays, many days are set aside to pay homage to our beloved books. So, Merry Books to You & Happy Posting!


1st: New Year's

2nd: National Science Fiction Day

3rd Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day