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Bookish Holidays in June: Bookstagram Post Ideas

Summer is here! Time to get out the flip flops, head to the beach (or lake), & dive into a good book!

Once the book is read, it is only polite to share your good fortune with the world via Bookstagram. After all, we book lovers are always on the hunt for our next great read.

Bookstagram is the place to be for book enthusiasts! If you're looking to connect with like-minded people (aka: book addicts), then start posting. If you build a bookish account, they will come (wink, wink.).

To help you get started or give you fresh ideas for your feed, I've gathered a list of the bookish holidays to celebrate this month. (A summary graphic awaits you at the end of this post!)

National Audio Book Month

The only thing hotter than a physical copy of a book is its audio edition. Why? Because audiobooks make car rides, chores, getting ready, falling asleep, craft sessions (basically, any solitary activity) better! Not to mention, my book totals took a steep incline once I discovered their magic. And if you loved what you listened to, no one's stopping you from buying the physical book to grace your shelves. It's a win-win!

I still post the cover of the book (thank you, Canva) on my Booksta feed, but I'm sure to mention that I listened to it on Audible, especially if it's a great narration.

If you're looking to up your reading game, give audiobooks a try. It may be your next obsession.

June 5: Rick Riordan's B-Day

The man, the myth, the legend himself celebrates his birthday this month! Rick Riordan is the author of the ever-popular Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series. More importantly, he is responsible for making readers out of middle school kids everywhere!

Thanks to Mr. Riordan, I never have to teach Greek mythology (yawn). My students know their heroes backward & forward. They devour his stories, create mind-blowing fan art, and talk incessantly about the battles of the gods (again, I yawn- but never to their faces).

It is no matter that Greek gods and mythology aren't my cup of tea. To my students, they are the cat's pajamas. Maybe one day I'll actually read one of the dozens of his books I've purchased for my classroom library! When I do, I'll most definitely post about it!

June 8: Best Friends Day

Okay, it's not technically a bookish holiday, but it is the perfect excuse to post a picture of you and your bestie reading a book together or discuss a buddy read you're enjoying.

What's a buddy read, you ask? Simple. It's a book you and a friend(s) agree to read in the same time frame. Throughout the reading, you discuss the book via messages or texts. It's a lower-level commitment than a book club & a lot easier to organize.

Speaking of lowkey book clubs, have you heard of the Silent Book Club? This is when a group of booktroverts meet up in a public place, read any book they want for an hour or so, and then have a chat (not necessarily about books, but probably about books). It's a book nerd's idea of a good time! If you're interested in something like this, click here.

June 10: National Ballpoint Pen Day

Ode to a Pen

Here's to thee, noble pen so true,

In thy simplicity, lies the grandest view.

For within thy ink-stained grasp we find

The power to leave our mark on time.

I'm a writer and a teacher; I have a thing for pens. I demand two things from my trusty sidekick- a squishy surface for my fingers to rest and nothing more nor less than a 1.4mm tip. Lucky for me, these workhorses come cheap!

But for Bookstagram's sake, I do have a few darlings I use for props- a purple, fuzzy pompom cap pen, a violet feather fountain pen, and my purple kitty. They have a way of framing a good book and elevating the photo's composition. Sometimes form is way more important than function.

June 10: Ann Frank's Birthday

You could do a re-read of this beloved classic or post a beautiful special edition on Bookstagram. But can I be frank? (pun intended!) You could make this a historical fiction day & post your latest read in this beloved genre. I think Ann would approve!

A few of my favorite middle grade historical fiction novels include A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus and A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Peck.

My absolute favorite HF is a YA book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I implore you to read this treasured American classic.

Lastly, if you're not into middle grade or YA, then check out Kristin Hannah. She is a master, and her backlist is divine.

June 14: Flag Day

Okay, I know it's not technically a bookish holiday, but there are just so many fun things you can do with it on Booksta.

1. A Red, White, & Blue stack

2. An American classic flatlay

3. Use Books to create a flag

4. Review a patriotic book

5. Make a word such as "freedom" or "brave" using the 1st letter of book titles

6. Post books set across America

You get the idea! Spend any amount of time on Bookstagram, and you'll realize you can bring almost any topic back to books. It's one of the many talents of Book People.

June 19: Garfield the Cat Day

Is there a better combo than books and cats? Of course, not! Add grumpy, lazy Garfield to the mix and you have literary perfection.

To honor America's favorite cat, pair your cat with your current read for a guaranteed likable post. Another popular shot is a view of your favorite fuzzy socks, a cat curled up on your lap, and an open book.

What I'm trying to tell ya is that you can't go wrong with incorporating your furry friend into your Bookstagram post. More often than not, book-obsessed people also happen to be crazy cat ladies too!

June 21: Summer Solstice

Take advantage of the stunning light of golden hour and set up your Bookstagram photo shoot outdoors. By far my easiest shots are holding my books up in front of a lovely natural backdrop. Think garden flowers, a path meandering through the woods, a jaw-dropping sunset, a sandy beach on vacation, a water view from your boat or summer cabin- anything outdoors works! The sky is the limit (speaking of which, also makes a beautiful backdrop!)

June 23: National Writing Day or Typewriter Day

Finally, a reason to dust off the treasured typewriter you've had on display and bring a little nostalgia to your Bookstagram feed. Add in your pretty notebooks, must-have pens, and a snippet of your WIP or a treasured book quote and you have an interesting composition.

Sidenote, if you miss the clanky feel of your old-school typewriter, then I highly recommend the retro, wireless keyboards available on Amazon. The keys are round and make satisfying click sounds as you type your little heart out. Bonus: they are available in fun colors and brighten up your workspace. I purchased a blue one and am in love!

Double Bonus: Snap pictures of your writing sanctuary & post it on Booksta.

June 30: Social Media Day

If there was ever a day to post, this is it! It's also the ideal time to re-introduce yourself to your audience. Here are a few ideas to put in the caption of your selfie:

  1. Give 5-10 fun facts about yourself.

  2. Write a report:

R: Reading

E: Eating

P: Playing (What games, music, or activity are you enjoying?)

O: Obsessing

R: Remembering (What's something you're trying to keep in mind? Or share a memory)

T: Trying

3. Share your favorite books

Summertime beckons you to relax and read. Take advantage of all that extra time devoted to reading and up your Bookstagram game. You'll have tons of material to work with. Share your beach reads, give us the scoop on a must-read, and inspire us to join your bookish fun!

Happy Reading,



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