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Bookstagram Author Prompts 2024

Updated: Mar 9

Are you looking for ideas on how to share your book with the Bookstagram community? Are you looking for ways to connect with fellow writers? Then look no further; I got you!

Every week in 2024, a prompt is provided for you to share highlights of your book baby. Use the prompts to inspire your book posts and convey something new about your book, the story behind it, and interesting tidbits to entice the reader.

Simply follow the #mybackstory hashtag on Instagram, use it in your caption, and begin posting! It's also a great idea to download these images to post to your story or create carousel-type posts so more people can join the fun. I can't wait to connect with you & learn all about your book(s).

That's it! A year's worth of ideas for you to share your book and your story on Bookstagram!

Happy posting!

Stacey Faubion


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