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24 in 2024 Book Challenge: BOTM

Emma Grey drew from her grief of losing her husband to write The Last Love Note giving it a layer of realism that only a person who lives through it can capture.

I read this book to fulfill the prompt "Book You Chose because of the Cover." And isn't this cover spectacular? I'm contemplating buying the print version so I can have it sitting on my shelves.

The story is set in Australia, so you could use it for "A book set in your favorite city." I know Australia isn't a city, but we're not rule-sy type people in this book club. We'll let it slide.

About the Book

Kate is a young mom trying to rebuild her life in the aftermath of tragedy. It is hard to let go of her husband when she has a son who needs to remember he had a father who loved him. Not to mention, love notes left behind keep reminding her of all she lost. She relies on her best friend and the kindness of her boss to pull her through, but a secret threatens to unravel all she has fought to maintain.

Despite the heaviness of the topic, hope and humor shine through it all. If you're looking for a sweet love story that will take you through every emotion, then this is the book for you.


4 Fun Facts

As I researched this book for our challenge, I found the story behind the story to be even more heartbreakingly beautiful. Click here to watch Emma Grey's entire interview with Kelly Hook Reads Books.

Up Next

Of course, I had to pick a book with "Lucky" in its title for March! And I was even more excited when I discovered its movie adaptation will be released on Hulu on March 28th! How lucky are we?


“A remarkable story of courage, love, and of course, luck.” —Book Riot’s Best Books of 2017


 In 1939 Poland, the Kurc family is ripped apart by war. Driven by their will to reunite, they will do whatever it takes to survive. It is a gripping story of hope and perseverance.


#24in2024BookChallenge prompts We Were the Lucky Ones could fulfill:

  1. A book with 2-4 POVs (This is the prompt I'm scratching off.)

  2. A book by a new-to-you author.

  3. A book recommended by a friend.

  4. A book in your favorite genre.

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Happy reading, book friends!

Stacey Faubion


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