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24 in 2024 Book Challenge BOTM: We Were the Lucky Ones

This book will definitely be one of my favorite reads at the end of this challenge! If you're looking for your next page-turner, this is it. I spent two nights (way past my bedtime, of course) holding my breath needing to know what would come next for this family.

I used this book to scratch off the prompt, "Book with 2-4 POVs."

About the Book

We Were the Lucky Ones chronicles the events in the lives of the Kurc family during the duration of WWII. Their fight for survival and reunification will take them across the world and drag your heart with them.

Mrs. Hunter had no idea this story existed until she was assigned a school project in which she was supposed to interview a family member. With the recent death of her grandfather, Addy (the MC of this saga), fresh on her mind, Mrs. Hunter decided to interview her grandmother, Caroline. It was while she braided her grandmother's long gray hair into French braids that she learned of her Polish roots and the horrors of the ghetto in Radom.

After years of research, Mrs. Hunter wove together the accounts of her family, historical documents, and personal treks of her family's footsteps to bring us this story. She uses fiction to fill in the gaps, creating a story you'll never forget. Each character in the book was a living soul with a story to tell.


4 Fun Facts

If you would like to listen Georgia Hunter's full interview brought to you by the Books & Coffee series at Concordia University, click the button below. You will gain fascinating insight into the research and family that inspired this book.

And to further immerse yourself into the Kurc family story, Hulu is releasing a limited series version on March 28th. Click here for the trailer if you need further evidence that this is a must read book!

On a final & side note, I want to give a big shout out to teachers who encourage kids to learn their family history. If it wasn't for this assignment, Addy, his 4 siblings, & his parents' incredible stories may have been lost forever. And kudos to Mrs. Hunter for sharing it with the world.

In case you were wondering, she had every family member's blessing and 22 relatives traveled from near & far to support the book launch. And through her research & interviews she was able to give family members war medals and uncovered family mementos. What a journey this must have been.

Up Next

Up next is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It is a buddy read, so on the 24th of April, I'll be sending out discussion questions for us to well, discuss. This is an American classic you don't want to miss!

To sign up, scroll down to the bottom of the Bookish Fun tab on my website. Or sign up for my newsletter. Either way works.

Happy reading!

Stacey Faubion


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