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24 in 2024 Book Challenge: Remarkably Bright Creatures

If a quirky, sweet story is your jam, then this is the book for you! Not to mention, Marcellus the Octopus will forever be one of your favorite characters. Now, I know what you're thinking- Hold up, did you say octopus?! Yes, I did! But Marcellus is no ordinary octopus. He's clever, insightful, and devilishly snarky. You are going to adore him and quite possibly consider a future as a teuthologist (That's a person who studies cephalopods, AKA an octopus enthusiast).

About the Book

Tova is a widow living her golden years in Puget Sound as a volunteer at the local aquarium. She fills her lonely days cleaning cages and caring for her charges. Marcellus is a prisoner (his words) at the aquarium and entertains himself with nightly reprieves from his watery cell. Although Tova is keen on Marcellus's escapades, she keeps his secrets, and the two form an unlikely bond.

Cameron is a thirty-year-old man searching for the father he never knew. On his journey, he finds himself as Tova's replacement at the aquarium creating space for these three lives to connect in an unexpected, heartwarming climax.

Along the way, you'll find Marcellus has rather witty observations about human nature.


4 Fun Facts

More Fun

Octopuses have quite the reputation as escape artists and are nicknamed The Mimic, but they are also revered as the most intelligent of all invertebrates. There is more behind their eyes than a blank stare. Octopuses are capable of learning, using tools, and best of all, interacting with us.

If your curiosity is piqued, learn more about these remarkably bright creatures by watching National Geographic's Shapeshifters.

Up Next

Cult and Run is a wild ride written by my dear friend, Kelly MacPherson. If you like books off the beaten path with sassy banter and laugh-out-loud scenes, this cult-y tale will have you snorting your latte out your nose from beginning to end. And who knows, you may just find your new favorite author. Plus, you can give her a follow on Bookstagram @kellywritesabook. Her posts are always entertaining and heartfelt.

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See you next month!

Stacey Faubion


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