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January Bookish Holidays

Updated: Mar 10

It's the new year! The new me! The new you! Let's make it a bookish one! The following is a list of holidays to start your year off right- celebrating books.

Use these book holidays to inspire your Bookstagram & Booktok posts. Use them to guide your next book selection. Use them as an excuse to buy a new book. Use them any way you want- just use them! And may your year be blessed with full shelves and memorable reads!

National Hobby Month

If you're looking for a hobby, may I suggest reading? If reading is already your hobby, then may I suggest Bookstagram? If you have no idea what it is, read "What is Bookstagram? In this online world, you will find a community of book-obsessed friends! You can find me @staceywritesandreads. Come join the fun!

2nd Week of January: Universal Letter Writing Week

Now I realize just last month we celebrated National Letter Writing Day. But that was just a day, and it was only national. This month it's epic. We're talking a whole week of letter writing! And my goodness, it's universal! So, sharpen those pencils and write Aunt Gertie a letter. She'd love to hear from you. Or you could write your favorite author, they'd love to hear from you too!

1/2: National Introvert Day

It's like they know us! We put in our dues on New Year's Eve. We attended parties, drank a little (too much) champagne, kissed our loved ones, and sang " Auld Lang Syne" (whatever that means). We need a moment! So, curl up with a cozy read and treat yourself- this is your day!

1/2: National Science Fiction Day

Okay. Not my favorite. But hey, it does push me out of my comfort zone and forces me to read a genre that's not my usual go-to. So, I'll celebrate the day with my fellow nerds, Trekkies, and Jedi wannabes. And more often than not, I have a good time. In fact, I question why I don't gravitate to this genre more often. I have never read a SF book and thought, "Man, that's three days I can't get back." Maybe it's because I go in with such low expectations. Or maybe it's because the storytelling is phenomenal. Either way, I'm looking forward to it this year!

I would like to take a moment and make a plug for an outstanding author I actually had the pleasure of meeting at my son & DIL's church, Jason Anspach. If you're looking for a gripping SF saga- Galaxy's Edge is for you. I read Requiem for Medusa and it was The Hunger Games meets Star Wars and I absolutely loved it! But you don't have to just take my word for it- the reviews on Amazon also attest to its awesomeness!

1/3: J.R.R. Tolkien's Birthday

This is another example of writing I didn't enjoy until I was older. I'm still not a superfan, but I am an ordinary fan. I will not be celebrating this holiday with cake and balloons and I probably won't reread the Hobbit or binge watch the series, but I will enjoy all your memes on my Bookstagram feed.

1/4: National Shelfie Day

Now we're talking my love language! This holiday will most certainly be celebrated at my house, HBU? So many ways to celebrate, let's debate the ways.

Should you feature your bookcase organized by color, genre, or author? Or, should you send people over the cliff and turn all your books backward? You could stagger books vertically or horizontally. Featuring your beloved book paraphernalia is also a popular choice. It really doesn't matter just as long as you post! Nothing makes a bookstagrammer giddier than to scroll upon a beautifully curated bookshelf. Please, please, I beg of thee- post that shelfie today!

1/8: National Bubble Bath Day

Technically, not a book day. It's what I like to call a holiday friend to the book holidays. Because really, besides being cozied up next to a fireplace, is there a better place to read than in a tub full of bubbles? If you've never experienced this treat, today's the day!

1/18: National Thesaurus Day

Or as I like to call it- National Wordfinder Day. See what I did there? I used a synonym for Thesaurus because I'm clever like that! Since becoming a writer, the Thesaurus has become my loyal companion (don't tell my dog). I'm so happy the Thesaurus is finally getting its day! If you're a Bookstagrammer, maybe you could re-do a book title using synonyms and have people guess the title! (Ex: Small Abode on the Grassland) How fun is that? Isn't book life wild?

1/19: Edgar Allan Poe Day

Some ideas for your Edgar Allan tribute if you're too weak and weary to come up with your own:

a. Post favorite quotes

b. Post interesting facts (For instance, his 2 favorite words were aghast & ghastly.)

c. Read one of his poems

d. Read a scary story

e. Buy a pet bird (Just kidding)

Anyway, I hope this gets your creative juices flowing- (n)evermore.

1/28: Pride and Prejudice Pub Day

Do you smell that? Me too! It's popcorn and a movie marathon! Buckle up- it may last for days! There have been over 17 movie adaptations! Or, should we celebrate by reading a retelling of the beloved story? Bridget Jone's Diary, Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies- how do we choose just one? You know what, I think I'll just read the original.

1/29: National Puzzle Day

Another friend holiday of the book holidays made the list. And even though you can't read a book and do a puzzle, I still feel like many book people enjoy a good puzzle- especially if it's a picture of books. It's our physical outlet. We're moving pieces, sweating over finding all the edges, and contorting our bodies in all kinds of weird stretchy positions. It also serves as social time. After all, we may have to communicate with humans who try to join us on our quest to unite all those pieces into a magnificent masterpiece. Not unlike books, the joy of puzzles last for hours and long after they're complete. The mystery of ink drinkers' affinity for puzzles has been solved!

The year starts with a bang, book-loving friends! Enjoy and happy reading!


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