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Bookish Days to Celebrate in September

Updated: Mar 10

Ahhh, September. Fall is quickly approaching and bringing all the cozy vibes with it. Can you think of anything better than a warm drink, an oversized chair, a flannel blanket, a pair of fuzzy socks, and a crisp, unread book? Me either!

Plus, we have so many bookish dates to celebrate during the month of September. Teachers- incorporate them into your classrooms! Book club hosts- create a theme for your meetings! Bookstagrammers- use them for posting inspo. Book Lovers- buy and make reading selections accordingly! Whatever you do- don't let these delightful book days go to waste!

Here's a list of September's bookish holidays:

9/6: National Read a Book Day

Are you looking for an excuse to spend a day reading books? Look no further than September 6th. Take full advantage of this gift handed down to us from our wise fore-book-people! "Honey, I can't go to the store... or do laundry... or cook dinner. I must read today. It is my duty as a citizen of Book World to keep the sacred tradition alive!"

It is also your duty to share your enthusiasm for books with others- so spread the word about this treasured holiday and make it a special day in your home.

9/7: Buy a Book Day

This is a one, two punch we book nerds can get excited about. After spending a day reading, we're actually expected to go buy a book the very next day. It's a perfectly logical solution to having reduced our TBR pile by one book. Book people are brilliant!

9/18: Read an Ebook Day

Do you need yet another excuse to buy a book? Here you go! Annnd you're welcome. Okay, I didn't create it, but I did bring it to your attention- and that's something. Now go make a post about how you like Ebooks better than physical books and watch book people's brains explode. (I provide you with excuses and cheap entertainment- it's like I'm a miracle worker!)

9/21: Stephen King's Birthday

I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King (probably more like a horrified/jealous relationship). I read Pet Sematery one night when I was alone babysitting and totally freaked myself out. Then I read It and couldn't sleep for a week. After recuperating from that trauma (and for reasons beyond comprehension), I decided to read Thinner, and realized Mr. King is a brilliant, but sick and twisted man. I vowed to never read another King book. My heart and imagination could not take it.

And then Stephen King on Writing was released, and I couldn't resist. I fell in love with Mr. King's writing again. Hands down, my favorite writing craft book of all time.

So even if horror isn't your jam, you should still take a moment to recognize one of our great, modern-day American writers. His backlist is truly amazing: Cujo, Salem's Lot, The Green Mile, The Tommyknockers, Carrie, The Shining... Did I mention he was a sick man?

9/22: Fall in Love with Reading Day

Okay, I admit I made up this holiday- but it's good, right? I know, I know. You fell in love with reading a long time ago. But someone you know needs to fall in love with books. (You can't be the only insane one in your circle of people.) Bring them into the light today. Buy them a book that you just know with every fiber of your being they're going to love. Wrap it in a cute little book care package and watch the magic happen.

If you're counting- this is the 3rd day in September you're required to buy a book! September may bump October as my favorite month- HBU?

9/22: National Hobbit Day

Hobbit Day honors the Birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the two loveable hobbits in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So, take off your shoes, put on some big ears, and get jiggy with it. Today's a great day to be silly (and eat a lot!).

9/22: Dear Diary Day

Have you ever considered keeping a journal? Did you keep one as a kid and gave up the habit? Today is the day to give it another whirl. What a great way to document your life's happenings, your spiritual growth, and your reflections as you navigate life. If you are a writer, it will also help you develop a daily writing habit.

Hint: You may need to buy a pretty journal to celebrate this day.

9/24: F. Scott Fitgerald's Birthday

Mr. Fitzgerald knew how to throw a party- so let's not forget his big day. Put on some sassy jazz music, dress up in your favorite flapper dress, and spend the evening reading (or watching) The Great Gatsby.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the greatest American writers- so you may want to read one of his lesser-known books or one of his many short stories. Or you could watch Z: The Beginning of Everything streaming on Amazon Prime. (I give it a thumbs up!)

9/25: National Comic Book Day

Comic books aren't my thing, but I'm beginning to fall in love with all the graphic novels out there in YA and Middle Grade Fiction land. Do graphic novels count as comic books? How about Calvin and Hobbs or Peanuts? Somehow, I will find a way to celebrate this day. How about you?

9/29: National Coffee Day

Technically, this isn't a book day- but I know that for many of you- coffee, coffee shops, and books go hand-in-hand. So, I thought Bookstagrammers especially would appreciate this holiday being included on the list. So, go buy yourself a $7 coffee today and pair it with a good book.

Banned Book Week

Should books be banned? What a loaded question. The simple answer is no-for adults. But we have a responsibility to children to monitor what they read in order to protect them from triggering material and material they are not mature enough to process. And here the great debate begins.

Regardless of where you lie on the spectrum of censoring material for children, find a list of banned books and read one or two. Then, ask yourself if you think the material is too mature for children. Would it be better classified as adult fiction? Or should you fight to remove it from the banned list?

National Library Card Sign-Up Month

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you have a library card! But you can always find a friend who doesn't know the joy of a library- YET! Encourage them to sign-up this month and then go visit the library together.

Other Notable September Book Dates

(But didn't make the cut due to limited space on the September pinnable graphic.)

Labor Day: First Monday (Books should be enjoyed on every day off work!)

International Literacy Day: 9/8

Grandparent's Day: 9/12 (Read a book with Granny & Pops)

Agatha Christie: 9/15 (Detective fiction genius)

Oprah's Book Club Anniversary: 9/17/1996

William Golding's Birthday: 9/19 (Lord of the Flies author)

Hermoine Granger's Birthday: 9/18 (Harry Potter heroine)

Geroge R.R. Martin's Birthday: 9/20 (A Game of Thrones author)

HG Wells' Birthday: 9/21 (Author of several classics including The War of Worlds)

National Punction Day: 9/24 (What?)

TS Eliot's Birthday: 9/26 (American poet)

Truman Capote: 9/30 (Breakfast at Tiffany's author)

Little Women Pub Day: 9/30 (A beautiful day in history)

I hope your September is now blessed with many days of book celebrations! I will be celebrating in my classroom and on Bookstagram. Follow me @staceywritesandreads and tag me in your posts- we'll celebrate together! (Can I say celebrate one more time?)

Happy Book Days!


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