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24 in 2024 Book Challenge: Cult & Run

Are you looking for a little something different than the typical romance? Do you long to read something a bit outside the norm?

Then, have I got a book rec for you! Cult & Run by Kelly MacPherson is a romp of a good time into the cult world of The Committee.

Semi-unbeknownst to Dalmatia, she grew up in a cult. When its spiritual leader (aka Dalmatia's eccentric mom's secret, non-earthly husband) meets his demise, trouble ensues in the form of a cute FBI agent looking for answers.

Detective Kyle needs Dalmatia's help navigating The Committee's underground world. Dalmatia is not an eager informant. And this is where the fun begins! (Okay, it begins on p. 1, but you get my point!)

I've included a few cute quotes from the book as well as four cultish fun facts. Let's face it, people living alternative lifestyles are intriguing, and inquiring minds want to know more!

I love MacPherson's books because not only are they quirky & funny, but she keeps the characters 100% relatable. You won't find another author quite like her! If you like this gem of a book, read her debut novel, The Light of Stars is Dead. It's a vampy frolic with a teenage side character named Maeve you won't forget. I have hope for a sequel with more Maeve on the page!

Up to bat next month is quite a shift in gears. We're reading Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. This is a classic for a reason- it's stinking good! The characters melt your heart, the setting is divine, and the story is timeless!

If you would like to join the Book Club fun, then click the button below. We have challenge prompts to complete & monthly book chats via email.

Hope your summer is filled with great books!



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